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Myopia, commonly called “nearsightedness,” affects an estimated 40 percent of the population in the United States. The condition causes blurring of distance vision, difficulty seeing at night, squinting and headaches due to straining to see clearly. In the past, corrective eyeglasses were the only way to improve clarity of vision. Today, individuals have a variety of options for correcting poor vision due to myopia. Here are a few of the choices that can improve your vision for everyday tasks.


Eyeglasses are still one of the most popular ways to correct myopic vision, mainly because many designers offer trendy, attractive frames that make wearing glasses more pleasant. Eyeglasses also offer an easy way to correct other vision problems that may occur with myopia, such as farsightedness that occurs with aging. Various types of sport glasses can also be ground to prescription to enable individuals with myopia to enjoy clear vision for their activities.

Contact Lens

Many individuals who have been wearing eyeglasses for many years, often consider contact lenses to enjoy a better appearance and greater freedom of movement. A number of different types of contact lenses are available, such as tinted lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, soft lenses, toric lenses and multifocal lenses. Your eye doctor can advise you on the best type of lenses for your needs.

Ortho-K Therapy & CRT

Ortho-K therapy can help individuals with myopia achieve sharper vision through the use of corrective lenses that are worn during sleep that help reshape the cornea. Ortho-K is a good method to achieve better vision without glasses for children who are too young for corrective eye surgery, for individuals who engage in sports or for those who work in dusty environments where wearing contact lenses is inadvisable. Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is a similar type of vision correction therapy.

LASIK Vision Correction Surgery

Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, or “LASIK” eye surgery, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the cornea to improve vision. The surgery allows individuals with myopia to see clearly without corrective lenses. It is a fairly simple procedure, with a fast healing time and good results for most individuals. Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Individuals with certain medical conditions, eye problems or those with very thin corneas may not be suitable candidates. Other surgical methods are also available to provide vision correction.

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