Travel And Your Eyes: Staying Safe When You Hit The Road (Or Sky)  

Summer is here, and many people are excitedly going on vacation for the first time since the pandemic struck. It’s important to do all that you can to keep your eyes healthy as you travel, whether you’re cruising down the highway or jetting off to a tropical destination. Here, we’ll take a look at some tips that you can follow to keep your eyes healthy as you head out to enjoy some rest and relaxation this summer.

Choose Glasses Over Contacts

If you’re flying or driving a long distance, it’s smart to ditch the contacts and choose glasses instead. Contacts can dry out quickly over long drives or flights, and the last thing you want is a dry contact lens falling out of your eye as you cruise down the highway. At the very least, have your glasses handy as a backup in case driving with contacts gets to be too much for your eyes.

Pack Well

Be sure to bring eye drops while you travel and for when you reach your destination. When something gets in your eye while traveling, it can be tempting to use tap water to try to rinse it out. Doing so can expose your eye to harmful pathogens. Be sure to pack eye drops, sunglasses, a sleep mask, and goggles if you plan on spending time in the water.

Bring Allergy Medications

Traveling to a new area during the spring or summer months? Be sure to pack an allergy medication that works for you. While you may not have seasonal allergies at home, there’s no telling how a new environment will affect you. Allergies can cause itchy, watery eyes that make a vacation far less enjoyable. If you have health conditions that make you wary of taking allergy medications, be sure to talk with your doctor to decide what option is a good fit for you.

Manage Eye Strain

Just like staring at a computer or phone for long periods of time, staring at the road ahead can be tough on your eyes. Try not to drive for more than a few hours at a time, and pull over to take breaks, if only to rest your eyes. While staying focused on the road, be sure to glance around at your surroundings, giving your eyes a break from what’s directly in front of you (only for a quick glance, of course).