The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Contacts

Are you interested in wearing contact lenses, but are not sure whether or not you are ready for them? No worries, our professionals at ProMedica Physicians ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates will provide you a with a thorough eye examination and tell you if you are suitable for contacts. At ProMedica Physicians ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates, we are a full-service care facility. If contact lenses are suitable for you, you will be provided with prescribed lenses, necessary care items, and individual instructions for wear and care.

How to Care for your Contact Lenses?

The following do’s and don’ts will help you successfully transition to contact lenses:


  • Thoroughly wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses
  • Regularly clean your contact lenses by rinsing and soaking in multipurpose solution each night
  • Store lenses in the proper case
  • Clean storage case after each use and replace every 3 months
  • Use fresh solution daily
  • Replace your contacts as prescribed by your doctor
  • Remove contact lenses before swimming, entering a hot tub, or going to a waterpark
  • Visit ProMedica Physicians ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates for your regularly scheduled eye examination


  • Use soap or other washing solutions
  • Use homemade saline solutions
  • Put contact lenses in your mouth or moisten with your saliva
  • Use tap or well water to wash or clean
  • Share lenses with anyone else
  • Use products not recommended by your doctor
  • Sleep in contact lenses or wear for longer periods than recommended

To learn more about contact lenses or if they are right for you, please contact your ProMedica Physicians ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates eye doctor at 419.578.2020.

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