Signs of Retinal Detachment

Your retina is the portion of your eye that’s sensitive to light. When light enters your eye, it reflects on this part. In return, the retina transmits nerve signals to your brain. Ultimately, this part of your eye plays a vital role in the communication process between your eyes and brain. Unfortunately, your retina may detach from its position, often due to the aging process. When treated early, an eye doctor in Toledo can treat the problem and prevent vision loss.

General Information About Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment occurs when your retina moves from its usual position. As it pulls away, the retinal cells no longer receive the necessary oxygen and nourishment they require from the blood vessels. Your risk for permanent vision loss increases the longer you go without treatment from an eye doctor.

During an eye exam, an eye doctor will conduct a thorough vision screening and ask about any problems you experience. Part of the vision assessment consists of the eye doctor using a specialized magnifying device that allows him or her to see inside of your eye, including your retina.

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

Fortunately, retinal detachment doesn’t usually cause pain. It, however, contributes to visual disturbances.


Floaters do just what their name suggests — float throughout your eye. They’ll look like speckles, zig-zags, or squiggles. They’re most noticeable when you focus on something that’s a solid, bright color.

Flashes of Light

If you have retinal detachment, you may notice you see flashes of light, possibly in one or both eyes.

Blurred Vision

Light shines on your retina for you to see. Those who have refractive errors suffer from problems as a result of light not shining on the retina properly. If your retina isn’t in the proper position, it can’t identify the light coming into your eye. As a result, you might experience blurred vision.

Reduction in Peripheral Vision

A detached retina can affect your peripheral, or side, vision. Generally, you experience a gradual reduction in your side vision.

Shadow in Field of Vision

With retinal detachment, a shadow may appear in your visual field. It often looks like a curtain in your field of vision.

Retinal detachment isn’t common. However, you should understand the signs, so you may seek the expertise of an eye doctor. Contact us today if you have any concerns so we can perform an eye exam for the diagnostic process.