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Strabismus is an eye problem in which the eyes are not aligned with each other. One eye may turn inward or outward or almost any other direction, while the other eye looks straight ahead. When the two eyes cannot work together to look at the same object, a person will have double vision – two overlapping or separate pictures of one object.

strabismusStrabismus in children can create poor vision commonly known as “lazy eye.” Like anyone else, the child finds the double vision caused by strabismus confusing and unpleasant. But unlike an adult’s brain, a child’s brain can suppress, or “turn off,” one of the double images. When this happens, the unused (lazy) eye may begin to lose its ability to see. When a child develops with this type of poor vision it is referred to as amblyopia. If left untreated, the affected eye may become legally blind.

Children and adults may be prescribed patches, special eyeglasses, medication or exercises as treatment. In some cases, surgery may be required to provide correction.

Dr. Rodney McCarthy and Dr. Gerald Striph are ophthalmologists who have extensive experience in strabismus and eye muscle surgery.

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