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PPE For Eyes: What Medical Professionals Need To Know

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world of medical professionals. At the ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates, we’re here for our customers and colleagues who are working hard in the medical field to keep the public healthy and safe. We understand that you’re rightfully concerned about how to best protect your eyes from the coronavirus, and we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to protect your eyes from the coronavirus, and our different options for helping to keep you safe.

Your Eyes And COVID-19

Experts agree that it’s possible to contract the coronavirus if someone who has the virus coughs or sneezes, and liquid droplets hit the surface of your eye. This means that in addition to maintaining social distance whenever possible and wearing a mask, it’s also important that you protect your eyes from being exposed to viral droplets.

While a face shield and traditional glasses can help lower the risk of contracting the coronavirus through your eyes, there’s still space around the glasses that can easily allow droplets to pass through to the surface of your eye. If you work in close contact with patients, or if you work with coronavirus test samples, it’s key that you protect your eyes as much as possible. Traditional safety goggles can be a pain to fit over normal glasses, and don’t work to protect your face the same way as PPE glasses made especially for you.

PPE Glasses

Our PPE glasses combine the prescription lens that you need with a frame that helps you keep your eyes safe. When you order with a prescription our safety package includes polycarbonate lenses and side shields starts at $120. We have many different styles and protection levels, and we’re happy to work with you to help you choose the PPE style that makes the most sense for your career and vision needs.

Fogless Options

Most of our PPE glasses are available with a fogless option, perfect for medical professionals who struggle with their glasses fogging up due to wearing a PPE mask. Trying home fixes for constantly foggy glasses can work temporarily, but it’s not a long-term solution. Fogless lenses can be added to any safety package – just let your eye health professional know that you’d like fogless lenses.

Wiley-X Climate Control

In addition to our safety package options, we also offer Wiley-X climate control styles, which come with a foam insert that pads the area in which the glasses come into contact with the face. This creates an even safer environment for the eyes than standard PPE glasses. Wiley-X climate control styles are comfortable, and will allow you to work assured that you’re doing all that you can to keep your eyes safe.

ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates: We’re Here For You

If you’re looking for the PPE equipment that you need in order to keep your eyes safe, we’re here to help. If you have a current prescription on file, feel free to give us a call to order a style of glasses that makes sense for your PPE needs. If you need an appointment to update your prescription, we’re here to help. Reach out to us to set up an appointment so that we can update your prescription and order the perfect PPE for your eyes.