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It all starts with an eye exam!

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ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates doctors provide a wide-range of eyelid surgeries.

The most common of these involves correction of drooped, obstructive, heavy or puffy eyelids.  Affected individuals may experience one or more of the following symptoms: 

  • difficulty seeing objects above or to either side 
  • difficulty reading, working at the computer or driving 
  • a sensation of eyelid heaviness or difficulty keeping the eyelids open 
  • needing to tilt the head back or hold the eyelids up in order to see 

Ptosis (pronounced TOE-sis) surgery and Blepharoplasty  (BLEF-a-roh-plasty) surgery are performed to address eyelids that droop in different ways and can be done for either cosmetic or functional reasons.  For individuals with drooped eyelids causing visual or functional problems with day-to-day activities and tasks, corrective eyelid surgery may be covered by your medical insurance.  We perform a detailed examination to help you determine if surgery is right for you. 

Our doctors also perform specialized surgery to address eyelids that are poorly positioned in other ways.

Ectropion (eck-TRO-pee-on) is a condition where the eyelid turns outward causing exposure of the eye, dryness, irritation and sometimes tearing.

Entropion (en-TRO-pee-on) is a condition where the eyelid turns inward, causing irritation, pain and tearing due to eyelashes rubbing on the eye.  These conditions can put the eye and vision at risk and require surgical correction.  Our fellowship-trained eyelid surgeons are here to help. 

Did you know that skin cancer can affect the eyelids?

It’s true.  We take care of patients who have bumps or irregularities of the eyelid skin and surrounding tissues.  Most often, such lesions are benign, but sometimes they turn out to be skin cancer.  We routinely remove and obtain biopsies of suspicious or bothersome eyelid masses.  In cases of eyelid skin cancer, we perform cancer excision and specialized reconstruction of the delicate eyelid tissues, restoring natural eyelid appearance and function.  Depending on the size and type of cancer involved, we often work closely with our colleagues in dermatology to achieve the optimal outcome for our patients.