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It all starts with an eye exam!

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ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates carries a large selection of frame and lenses from various manufacturers. With our selection, our licensed opticians can assist you in selecting the right eyewear for your specific needs. We also have the ability to fill valid outside prescriptions. There are no appointments necessary and we are open Saturdays for your convenience. Ask us about our value line, providing frames and lenses for as low as $99!


Frame Options

At ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates we offer a wide variety of frame manufacturers, including well-known brands such as Kate Spade, Coach, Guess, and Rayban. We also offer several styles of safety, sunglass, and infant frames. Our licensed opticians will assist you in selecting frames that compliment you and fit your budget.

Eyeglass Lenses

At Vision associates we provide many of the top brands including Shamir, Varilux, Transitions, and Crizal. This wide selection gives us the ability to recommend various products tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Standard Plastic – Plastic is the standard lens material. These are 50% lighter than glass lenses and are available in just about all lens designs.

Polycarbonate – Polycarbonate is thinner, lighter, and more impact resistant than plastic lenses. These lenses also provide superior UV protection. Polycarbonate lenses are recommended especially for children, sports, and safety glasses.

High Index – High Index is the thinnest and lightest lens material available. These lenses offer the best visual clarity for higher prescriptions while providing superior UV protection.

Anti-Reflective – Anti-reflective coating or A/R coating prevents reflection on the surface of your lenses. This coating reduces eyestrain and improves the appearance of your lenses while providing you with clearer, crisper vision.

Transitions – Transition lenses change from clear to dark depending on the amount of light to which they are exposed. They are offered in a variety of colors while providing UV protection for your eyes. These lenses are not a replacement for sunglasses.

Progressive (No-Line) – Progressive lenses have a smooth transition with different focal lengths, correcting vision at all distances. These lenses are also available in digital designs to help meet your specific needs.

Polarized – Polarized lenses offer superior UV protection while eliminating glare. Polarization reduces glare on surfaces such as water, snow, and other cars on the road. These lenses improve visual clarity and color contrast allowing you to see more comfortably.

Blue Light Filter – Blue light filter lenses offer protection from overexposure to blue light. Blue light is emitted from our everyday digital devices.

About the Lab

ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates has an on-site lab and has partnered with select, nationally-recognized wholesale labs to provide the best quality lenses available. These labs ensure that all eyeglasses are made to your exact prescription specifications. Our labs have the ability to fill even the most difficult prescriptions, such as embedding prism and slab offs for patients with double vision. Our on-site lab provides the added convenience of allowing you to use your own frame or to have eyeglasses made the same day in the event of an emergency.

Office Info Our Doctors

Why should you see an optician rather than order your glasses online?

Glasses are hand-crafted and designed for the shape and size of your eye, face, and head. On-line glasses may not fit you once you receive them and may look different than anticipated. Our licensed opticians are specially trained in the selection of frames and lenses. They offer additional experience and insight to make certain your eyewear needs are meet. Once frames are selected there are measurements taken to verify each lens will perfectly match the doctor’s prescription. These highly-skilled licensed opticians ensure the accuracy of these measurements with your chosen frame. You can trust that ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates will help you look and see your best!

Note: Eyeglass frames and lenses may or may not be covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance to review your insurance plan coverage or call ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates and our staff can assist you in clarifying your insurance benefits.