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Contacts for your best vision and healthy eyes

ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates’ optometrists fit patients with all types of contact lenses ranging from daily disposable soft contacts to multifocal lenses. Although we are happy to provide you with a prescription so that you may purchase your lenses anywhere, ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates offers competitive pricing and delivery options. Unlike many other locations, our staff will personally train you in the insertion, removal, and care of your contacts.

Contact lens fittings are performed by Dr. Scott Sadowski, Dr. Michele Schlagheck, and Dr. Bailey. Dr. Schlagheck has a special interest in difficult-to-fit patients and works extensively with patients who have previously had eye surgery.

Why do I have to see Dr. Schlagheck, Dr. Sadowski, or Dr. Bailey for contacts if I have already seen the MD?

The ophthalmologists do not take the measurements of the eye for fitting contact lenses. The optometrists review the needed vision corrections, they take the necessary measurements and then offer the contact lens options that best meet your needs.

What kinds of contact lenses are available?

ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates provides soft lenses (daily, extended wear, colored disposable, etc.) and rigid gas permeable lenses for patients. There are contacts for people who have astigmatism and people who need reading glasses or bifocal glasses. Your doctor will discuss the options that are right for you.

Can I order contact lenses over the phone?

Yes, provided that your prescription is current, these may be ordered over the phone.

For the Toledo Office call: 567-290-4048

For Bowling Green Office call: 419-354-3926

Is an eye exam different than a contact lens fitting?

Yes! During your regular eye examination, which can be performed by any of the ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates Physicians, the doctor will review your eye and systemic health history, evaluate your eyes and the visual system, and screen for diseases like glaucoma and medical conditions such as diabetes. If needed, you will receive a prescription for glasses. This prescription is enough for glasses but does not have all the information needed for contacts.

During a contact fitting, performed only by our optometrists, additional measurements are taken of the size and shape of the eye. Then various contacts are trial fit on your eye.

Each brand fits somewhat differently and each model has several shapes. Sometimes the lens fits well the first time; in other cases, many must be tried. We are happy to schedule a contact lens fitting after your regular eye exam. The Contact lenses exam is in addition to your routine eye examination and is charged separately.

What are the contact lens fitting fees?

We firmly believe in the importance of professional assessment of your eyes, a good fit with high-quality contacts, adequate instruction on their care, and good follow-up. Unlike glasses, contacts can cause medical problems if fitted improperly or worn with poor technique.

Patients new to contacts: $149

  • Contact lens fitting and trial lenses
  • One hour instruction class on insertion, removal, cleaning, and care of contacts
  • 2 months of follow up visits
  • Sample disinfection and solution set

Current contact lens wearers who need a change in the design of their contacts, such as bifocal lenses or astigmatism: $99

  • Contact lens fitting and trial lenses
  • 2 months of follow up visits

Previous contact patients who need an updated contact lens prescription: $25-$75

  • Exam to ensure contacts fit correctly
  • Updated contact lens prescription

Some vision plans will cover a portion of these fees. Check with your insurance company to see what your benefits include. The only insurance companies ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates will bill are VSP, EyeMed, and Superior Vision. Certain restrictions apply.

Note: prices are subject to change.


  • Always wear your contacts to each follow-up visit.
  • To assess the proper contact lens fit, please have your contact lenses in your eyes at least 2 hours prior to each visit.

Do I have to buy my contacts from ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates?

You may make an appointment for a contact lens fitting following your regular eye exam; or if you prefer, you may take your prescription to an independent contact lens fitter.

Once your fitting is finalized, you may either purchase your contacts through ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates or take your contact prescription to purchase your contacts elsewhere.

ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates sells contacts at competitive prices, and can even ship replacement lenses directly to you for a nominal fee.

Additional Information

  • Contact lens prescriptions are good for one year
  • Fittings must be paid for at the time of service
  • Contacts must be paid for when they are picked up. We accept cash, check or major credit cards
  • We carry many contacts in stock, but some may take from 2-14 days for delivery
  • Contacts must be picked up within 30 days of being ordered, or they will be sent back to the manufacturer
  • ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates will be happy to mail your replacement lenses to you for a nominal fee

Contact lenses are generally not covered by insurance. Exceptions would be contact lenses used in the medical treatment of injury or disease.