How to Care for Your Contacts

New to contact lenses? Or, are you considering them after many years of wearing eyeglasses? Whatever the case may be, over the last couple of years, the colors, designs, and parameters of contact lenses have expanded dramatically giving you a variety of options to help you see and look better. Spending the time to determine which contact lenses are right for you has become more challenging. So, how can you get the most from your investment by extending the life of your contact lenses and keeping your eyes safe and healthy? Follow these tips below: 

Contact Cleaning Tips

  • Always thoroughly wash and dry your hands with a mild soap before handling contact lenses. Never use lotion, hair products, or oily substances before removing or putting in your contacts. If your eyes come into contact with these substances, they could quickly become red, dry, and irritated.
  • Regularly clean your contact lenses as directed by your eye doctor. Carefully rub the lenses between your finger and palm, then rinse them thoroughly with the appropriate solution recommended by your eye doctor. If you would like to try a new product to clean and disinfect your contact lenses, always consult with your eye doctor before use.
  • When storing them overnight, put them in the proper lens storage case. Each contact lens should be completely submerged in the appropriate solution. Make sure you clean your lens case daily and let it air dry. Never reuse the solution. You should replace the case every three months. 

Contact Wear Tips

  • Before wearing any contact, you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam and only wear lenses that have been properly fitted and prescribed by an optometrist.
  • Always follow the recommended contact lens replacement schedule prescribed by your eye doctor.
  • If someone else in your home is wearing contacts, make sure you label your case. By accidentally wearing someone else’s contacts lenses, your eyes can become infected.
  • Do not fall asleep with your contact in unless you have specialized extended-wear lenses. When your eyes are closed, there is not as much oxygen sent to your eyes.
  • Remove contact lenses before swimming or entering a hot tub to reduce the risk of an eye infection.
  • If your eye gets irritated, remove your contacts immediately. If you have prolonged irritation, vision loss, eye pain, or chronic dry eye, schedule a comprehensive eye exam as soon as possible.

From different materials, designs, and parameters, there has never been more variety in contact lenses than there is now. If you do not follow the do’s and don’ts of contact lenses, you could be damaging your eyes. To safely wear contact lenses, you must be committed to caring for them properly and replacing them when needed.

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