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When it comes to vision correction, contact lenses are great. They are better than eyeglasses in many ways. No load on your nose, no fear of forgetting them somewhere or worries to keep wiping them all the time. They offer convenient and satisfying vision correction without extra efforts.

However, Vision Test for contact lenses will need extra efforts. Your Eye Doctor will go an extra mile to ensure that the Eye Exam for Contact Lenses is thorough. This helps the doctor know the best fit for your eyes. Remember that all eyes are unique. No single type of contact lens can be the best for everyone. The best contact lenses will be those that fit your lifestyle, eye problem and your eye itself. Contact Eye Exam will determine that for you. Eye Checkup for Contact Lenses  Eye Checkup for Contact lenses is detailed than the tests for eyeglasses. Due to the elaborate nature of the test, the Contact Lens Exam Cost is also higher. It can be divided into 3 parts.

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam– To determine the overall health of your eyes
  • Vision Prescription– To determine the amount of vision correction you need
  • Contact Lens Fitting and Measurement– To find the best fit for you as per your lifestyle. Every contact lens is custom fitted as per your eyes

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exams are important as they help in determining the health of your eyes. You must take them regularly. An Eye Doctor Near you can also do this exam, however, it will be best, if you get it done from the same place from where you wish to get your contact lenses. When testing for contact lenses your eye doctor might want to run some detailed tests too. So, it will save your time and money.

Vision Prescription

Some people have awrong notion in their mind that the prescription for their eyeglasses will also work for contact lenses,as they are for the same eyes. Thisis a fallacy. The prescription for both is different. The eyeglasses sit at a distance of few millimeters from your eyes whereas contact lenses will sit on your eyes. A distance of few millimeters can make a lot of difference. Apart from clarity of the vision, the eye doctor would also determine other related conditions that help in the success of the contacts. Your lifestyle, age, vision needs, eye condition, and health will be important here. Doctors would try to understand your exact needs like the kind of lenses you want. The frequency of change. The clarity you would need. If you need vision correction for near or far. Everything is a valuable piece of information that would determine the success of the contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fitting and Measurement

This is one of the most important steps that determine the success and comfort of the contact lenses. This is a part you cannot afford to skip. At this stage, the eye doctor would take the eye measurements to make sure the contact lenses perfectly fit your eyes. The doctor would ascertain three important things here:

  • Corneal Curvature

The curve of your eye is important when measuring it for contact lenses. This step involves measuring your cornea. Your Eye Doctor will measure it with the help of an instrument called Keratometer. This mapping is significant because if there is an anomaly like astigmatism, then it will become evident. Your doctor will give you ‘toric’ lenses in that case for vision correction.

Pupil or Iris Size

The best thing about the contact lenses is that they can be as inconspicuous or evident as you want. But, you’d never want them to be out of place. To ensure this, accurate measurement of your pupil or iris is important. This will make them a part of your eyes. If you want to keep them inconspicuous then they will be and if you want to make them evident you can wear colored or designer contacts. The choice is completely yours. However, the measurement of the pupil is essential at this stage. Your eye doctor can measure the size with the help of a card or a ruler or may even choose to use automated instruments. The precise measurement of the colored portion of your eye is the main aim here.

Tear Film Evaluation

Dry eyes can a be a big problem in the way of wearing contact lenses. If your eyes don’t get hydrated often then you can start feeling itching or burning sensation. To avoid this, your eye doctor would also carry out tear film evaluation of your eyes. In this, the doctor would judge the amount of tears your eyes produce to keep your eyes moist and hydrated. Generally, eyes produce an adequate amount of tears to keep eyes moist. However, if they don’t, then the doctor would advise special contact lenses for such a condition.

Contact Lenses stay very close to one of the most sensitive organs of your body, the eyes. This part also happens to be of great importance in most of your experiences. Cheap Contact Lens Exam taken just to save a few dollars can be risky. You must give due consideration to the doctor, experience,and the facility. Even after prescribing the contact lenses the job doesn’t get over. A proper understanding of the care and hygiene is also very important. You must also visit the doctor for follow up visits so that if there are problems related to the adjustment of your contact lenses, they can be sorted.

Vision Associates offers the best in class eye testing facilities. It is a center of excellence for all your eye care needs. You can get the best fitting contact lenses from the best eye doctors here. You can book an appointment now or come for Walk-in Eye Exam in case of emergency in our Toledo orBowling Green offices.