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Eyes are the windows to this world. A child learns so much by watching things. In fact, experts believe that 80% learning in kids is visual. It means that if a child has difficulty in seeing then their learning can be affected. This makes Eye Exams for Children a necessity.

Pediatric Eye Care has garnered a lot of attention lately. Studies have proven that early detection of many eye problems can be the key to successful treatment. An Eye Doctor can successfully treat issues like amblyopia or lazy eye if detected early.

Vision problems are also the chief cause of slow learning in kids. Vision issues remain undetected and become a reason for poor performance of kids in studies. Children’s Eye Test is important from the early stages. It will give your kid equal opportunity to develop normally like other kids.

Equal input from both the eyes is very important in kids. It helps the brain’s vision centers to develop fully. Your Pediatric Eye Specialist can detect any problem in this area. This makes initial vision screening all the more important. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends Kids Eye Exams at following stages:

Newborn: Red Reflex test
Your Kids Eye Doctor will carry out this simple test to ensure that the child’s eyes are functioning normally. This test can reveal problems in cornea and lens.

Infants: Screening of eye health
Your Pediatric Optometrist can carry out this test before the first birthday of your child. This test will help in assessing the general health of the eyes.

Preschoolers: Vision Screening and Visual Acuity Test
Visual Acuity test is very important for preschoolers. It helps in taking a firm step towards attaining education. This test can determine whether the child can focus normally at far, middle and near distances. The vision screening brings out problems like misaligned eyes, lazy eyes, or refractive errors. These problems can be corrected to a great extent at this stage but will become very difficult to treat later.

School Age: Comprehensive Kids Eye Exam
Nearsightedness (Myopia) is one of the most common complaints in the kids of this age. However, routine eye exams on yearly basis or whenever there is any complaint can provide great help.

Comprehensive Eye Exam becomes very important:

  • If the child fails in the vision screening test
  • If the visual screening test results have been inconclusive
  • If the child has some kind of vision complaint
  • If the Child has known conditions like down syndrome, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and neurofibromatosis
  • If the child has a family history of amblyopia, strabismus, retinoblastoma, congenital cataracts or congenital glaucoma
  • If the child is suffering from any kind of learning disability, developmental delay or behavioral issue

There are 4 important signs to watch out:

Short Attention Span
Vision problems can lead to short attention span in kids. They will face problems in paying attention to anything for long. Not only in reading but the child may also lose interest in games that require using eyes for long or focusing.

Inconsistent Reading Pace
If your child frequently loses track of the lines from where he/ she was reading or faces difficulties in reading, then it could be due to a vision problem. You must see Kids Eye Doctor immediately.

Avoiding Reading or Other Close Focus Activities
It is not abnormal for kids to start avoiding reading and similar activities that need close focus. But, you must pay attention to such behavior and never write it off as another trick to avoid studies. It could be a signal of eye problems. You must take your ward to a Pediatric Eye Doctor for a thorough screening.

Child Turning Head to the Side when Looking in Front
This can be serious if it keeps getting ignored for long. If your child is turning his/her head to one side to look at things in the front, then it is a sign of astigmatism. This is a refractive error and it can be corrected if treated on time.

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