Everything You Need to Know About Contact Lenses

There has never been more variety in contact lenses than there is now. Over the last couple of years, the colors, designs, and parameters of contact lenses have expanded dramatically. Being able to determine the right contact lens for you has become more challenging and often requires an expert that is trained in the latest materials, designs, and parameters available. The flexibility with contact lenses will now allow you various options to help you see and look better. Here’s how:

What are the different contact lens materials?
Soft Contact Lenses

Silicone hydrogel and hydrogel are the two main materials for soft contact lenses. If you need to wear your contact lenses for long hours, this is a great option for you! Typically, these lenses are available for daily, 2-week, or monthly replacement.

Hard Contact Lenses
Hard contact lenses also known as gas permeable (GP) lenses, offer a crisper vision for patients with astigmatism or irregularities due to a disease. GP lenses are typically small in diameter, but for patients with chronic dry eye, scleral GP lenses are much larger.

Which Contact Lenses Are Right For You and What are the Design Options?

Toric & Multifocal
Both toric and multifocal optical design options are available. Toric lenses correct astigmatism and multifocal correct distance and near vision issues. These lenses can be replaced daily, every 2-weeks, or monthly depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

Color Lenses
Colored contact lenses are now available in different styles. One style is designed to change iris color. We have a line of subtle and vivid colors to choose from. Another style is designed to define the iris. These lenses add a distinct definition to your iris and make it stand out more by adding color to the inner iris.

Orthokeratology contact lenses have been clinically shown to slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children. These lenses are to be worn overnight to help reshape the corneas and correct the vision.

Why are daily disposable contacts a great choice?
Do you have issues with dryness, allergies, or irritation? Daily disposable contacts may be the best option for you. Since daily disposable contacts are super convenient and user-friendly, they are the healthiest lens option. Many studies show the vast majority of contact wearers do not follow the do’s and don’ts instructions of wearing contacts by their doctor in which their lenses become contaminated before each use. Daily disposable contacts are also great for part-time wearers. Even though a majority of people are happy with wearing glasses, contacts are a great choice for social outings or activities including biking, hiking, boating, or amusement parks.

Remember, if you are experiencing any pain, redness, irritation, remove your contacts wear your glasses and please contact Vision Associates at 419-578-2020 to schedule an eye exam right away.

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