Do Your Glasses Fog Up While Wearing Your Mask? How To Make It Stop  

You’re doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19, and part of that is wearing a mask when you’re in public. If you wear glasses, you may have experienced the annoyance of constantly wiping them off due to fog from your mask. While this is a pain, there are a few different options that you can try to stop the fogging, allowing you to see clearly without constantly needing to clean your lenses.

  • Check out fitted masks with a nose bridge. Your glasses fog up because the hot, moist air that you breathe out escapes through the top of your mask, and the moisture collects on your glasses. By choosing a fitted mask and/ or a mask with a nose bridge, you’ll reduce the amount of air that comes out of the top of your mask, making it more likely that your glasses will stay clear from fog. Struggling to find a mask that works? Try the do it yourself approach. Use a twist tie or a pipe cleaner fastened to the top edge of your mask in order to help the top of the mask fit to your face.
  • Adjust how you wear your mask. This solution is easy: pull your mask up a bit higher so that the top sits high on your nose. This can change the path of the warm air that escapes from the top of the mask, and may stop it from fogging up your glasses. If you find that your mask isn’t large enough to be worn this way, buy a size up, and twist the ear loops into a figure eight before putting them on your ears to accommodate for the change in size. This will allow the mask to still be form fitting while providing you with enough fabric to pull the mask up higher on your face.
  • Try washing your glasses with soap and water. Some people have found that doing so creates a protective film on glasses that makes it harder for fog to form. If you decide to try using soap and water, be sure to use dish soap or a similar soap. Don’t use soaps that include oils or lotion, as these will make your glasses greasy and difficult to see though.
  • Use a tissue on the inside of your mask. Using tape or glue, place a folded tissue on the inside of your mask. You can attach the tissue at the nose bridge of your mask. This may work to absorb excess moisture and keep it inside the mask, rather than allowing it to collect on your glasses.