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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have my eyes dilated?

All of Vision Associates comprehensive eye exams involve examining the cornea, optic nerve, and retina. For the physician to examine the inner part of the eye, it must be dilated.

Can you call in a prescription refill for me today?

Patient Care Coordinators, the phone staff, are trained to handle your medical prescription refills. Please have handy the name of the medication and your pharmacy’s phone number. Many times the doctor needs to be consulted before the pharmacy can be contacted.

If it is less than 1 yr and my vision seems to have changed can I come in early and still get insurance coverage?

This question has no simple, easy answer. Under most circumstances, the refraction will not be covered by insurance and it will become an out-of-pocket expense. The physician’s diagnosis will determine what the insurance company will cover.

Can my whole family come in at one time to see the same doctor?

The policy is that only 2 family members may be scheduled on the same day. Each doctor may make exceptions to this, but it is on an individual basis. Patient Care Coordinators, the phone staff, must have a physician’s approval to do this.

If I come in for a consult can I have surgery and/or treatment the same day?

Surgery or treatment does not typically occur on the same day as a consult.
Exceptions would be an emergency or an extensive conversation between the referring physician and the Vision Associates’ physician.

How can I transfer records to or from Vision Associates?

The patient’s written request for transfer of records is required to process the transfer of medical records to come to us or for us to forward records to another physician. This process will not be done without the expressed written and signed request/consent of the patient.

Can I speak to a nurse?

Patient Care Coordinators, the staff that answers the phones, will relay your message to the physician. The physician’s response will then be forwarded back to you either through the patient care coordinator, the physician’s scribe, or the physician.