Are Your Kids Wearing Protective Eye Gear on the Court?

Choose A Pair of Sports Eyeglasses

There are many styles of specially-made sports eyeglasses available. These eyeglasses are impact-resistant, which is a necessity when playing sports. Thanks to the many varieties of style, it’s possible to customize your glasses to fit your needs. Contact lens wearers might benefit particularly from the wrap-around style, which prevent dust and other harmful particulates from entering your eyes. It is also possible to get prescription sports eyeglasses, which would mean you or your child would be able to see and therefore perform better, while protecting your eyes against the risk of injury at the same time. Ask your eye doctor or pediatric specialist about it at your next eye examination.

Wear an Eye Shield

An eye shield is different from eyeglasses in the sense that it is usually one uninterrupted sheet of polycarbonate resin, rather than the two separated pieces that make up eyeglasses. Every sport or activity has a piece of protective eye gear that will lend itself more easily to protecting proactively—ask your eye doctor about it during your next checkup. An eye shield may be more effective in sports like badminton, because it may deflect a birdie away from the whole upper face area, rather than just the eyes. Additionally, an eye shield is essential for games such as paintball. If a paintball were to strike an unprotected eye, it could cause severe ocular damage.

Be Proactive in Your Family’s Eye Care

You don’t want to wait until an eye injury has already occurred to purchase protective eye gear for yourself or your children’s sports. Sports-related eye injuries may mean you’ll spend more time talking to a surgeon than a coach. By reading this article, you’ve already done yourself a favor, because now you’re more aware of the risks yourself or a child take by playing any sport unprotected. Surprisingly, basketball is the sport that is most cited for putting players in the eye examination room, thanks to finger jabs or elbows.

The risks of playing sports without protective eyewear are scary. Luckily, sports-related eye injuries are mostly preventable. Your local Eye Care Provider is there to help you and your family make the best decisions in regard to your eye care. Visit Vision Associates today and take the first step to preventing eye injuries.


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