5 Common Eye Care Myths | Eye Exam in Toledo

There are many myths that surround the topic of eye care. Unfortunately, some of them are accepted as common wisdom about eyes and eye care. Some of them are flat-out dangerous to your health! Here are the five most common eye care myths and what you should know about them.

Myth #1: Reading Glasses Are A Substitute for Prescription Eyeglasses

Reading glasses provide reading comfort for many people–but they’re not the same as prescription eyeglasses. Reading glass lenses are closer to magnifying glasses than they are to prescription eyeglasses. They may help you read, but they’re no substitute for real corrective lenses.

Myth #2: In a Pinch, It’s Okay to Clean Your Contact Lens with Saliva

No doubt you’ve seen someone stick their contact lens on the tip of their tongue after it has fallen out. But this is no substitute for proper contact care. In fact, it can actually be dangerous!

Between contact with your mouth and contact with your hands, it’s easy for bacteria to find its way onto your contact lens if you “wash” it this way. That bacteria can lead to eye infections. Bacterial eye infections range from the merely painful, to the downright deadly!

Instead, make sure you always have contact lens solution, and wash your hands before you rinse your lenses.

Myth #3: Your Eyes Stay Crossed if You Cross Them Too Much

Most of us were told this as a child when we crossed our eyes. Well, you might be relieved to know this is 100% untrue!

However, it’s still possible for children to develop eyes that look like they’re crossed–a condition known as strabismus. If you suspect your child may have strabismus, get them to an eye doctor at ProMedica Physicians ProMedica Physicians Vision Associates as soon as you can.

Myth #4: Sitting Too Close to a Television Can Hurt Your Eyes

Surprisingly enough, this is not true. But there is something known as “computer vision,” that comes from the strain of staring at computers or other digital screens during the day. Symptoms include blurry vision, headaches, or even dry-eye. There are multiple options available to help your sight, including apps and lens coatings that help block blue light.

Myth #5: You Only Need an Eye Exam if You’re Having Problems with Your Vision

This is, unfortunately, the biggest eye care myth of all. Even if you’re seeing perfectly fine, a yearly checkup is important for many reasons.

An eye exam is about more than your sight being 20/20. A yearly eye checkup will make sure you don’t have any eye diseases or disorders. This is especially important when it comes to glaucoma. That’s because by the time you notice symptoms of glaucoma, much damage has already been done. An eye specialist can catch the condition before damage sets in–but only if you schedule a checkup!

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