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Vision Associates carries a wide range of eyeglass frame manufacturers in an equally wide range of prices. The selection includes adult petite sizes as well as children’s frames. Our skilled opticians will assist and guide you through the process of selecting the right lenses and frame to fit your specific needs. We also carry a variety of accessories including cases, necklace chains, and fun eyeglass holders.

About The Lenses

We carry many of the top brands including Varilux, Zeiss, Shamir, Kodak, Coppertone, Transitions, Drivewear, Crizal and the various Crizal brands like Alize. This wide selection gives us the freedom to offer you various brands tailored to your needs without the typical bias other opticians may feel.

Lens Options

  • Polycarbonate — is thinner, lighter, and is more impact resistant than plastic lenses when compared to lenses of the same prescription. They have 100% UV protection. We recommend polycarbonate for children, sports, and safety glasses. Please note that no lens is unbreakable or shatterproof.
  • High Index — if you have a strong prescription, this is the answer. The high-index materials can bend light to a greater degree than glass or plastic lenses. The same correction in high-index can be made in a less curved design so that it is thinner and lighter than plastic.
  • Anti-Reflective — look your best and see the world better. Anti-reflective coated lenses improve the look of your glasses while increasing your perceived contrast. This enhancement works by dramatically reducing reflections that can occur on the surfaces of your lenses.
  • Plastic — is the standard lens material. Plastic lenses are available in just about all lens designs.
  • PhotoChromatic — photochromic lenses can change from clear to dark depending on the amount of light to which they are exposed. These lenses provide comfort indoors and outdoors but are not a replacement for sunglasses.
  • Progressive (no lines) — these lenses correct vision from near to far all in one lens without the visible trifocal lines. We have the latest designs that can be tailored to meet your specific optical needs.
  • Free-Form Lens Designs — many of our lenses are now available in a high-tech digital design known as “free-form”. These lenses are created with the latest technology and can give you a significant improvement in your visual acuity.

There are many other lens designs and enhancements to explore along with your frame selection!

About the Lab

Our on-site finishing lab at Vision Associates emphasizes quality and accuracy. By partnering with select, nationally-recognized wholesale labs, we can provide you with the widest selection of quality lenses and coatings. Tom, the current lab manager, has over 27 years of lab experience and believes that the doctor’s prescription needs to be processed faithfully every time. Tom focuses on quality and is meticulous in checking every aspect of your prescription to ensure the best possible results.

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Frame Options

Each dispensary is stocked with hundreds of pairs of current frames from a number of manufacturers. Whether you need a full frame, reader, or safety frame, we will help you get exactly what you are looking for. Come to the Vision Associates optical dispensary – and See The Best! Please Note: eyeglasses may or may not be covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance company to review this coverage in your plan. You may also contact our optical and business office where our staff can assist you in clarifying your coverage.


Why should you see an optician rather than order your glasses online?

Glasses are hand-crafted and designed for the shape and size of your eyes, face, and head. On-line glasses may not fit you once you receive them and may look different than anticipated. Color is always best seen in person! Other decisions include type and tinting of lenses, and special coatings. On-line information is available in these areas, but a personal encounter with an optician may offer additional insight to your specific needs. Once glasses are selected there are measurements taken to ensure each lens will perfectly match the written prescription. Licensed opticians are well-trained to ensure the accuracy of these measurements. You can trust the opticians at Vision Associates’ to help you look and see your very best.