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Routine Exams

Annual or bi-annual eye exams are often called “routine” eye exams. Whether an exam is “routine” or not is frequently a distinction for insurance coverage rather than a medical issue. Vision Associates’ yearly exams are Comprehensive Eye Exams, and to Vision Associates, routine and comprehensive are one and the same. All our patients are treated the same regardless of their insurance.

A comprehensive eye exam includes several components:

A comprehensive eye exam is an evaluation of all the important parts of an eye and their functions. The doctors will check the eyes motility and muscle balance. The pupils are checked for their reactivity. A slit lamp exam evaluates the lids/lashes, conjunctiva, and the lens/cataracts. The eyes are dilated to examine the interior of the eye, optic nerve, retina, and the doctor will look for signs of systemic diseases or problems that may be a result of medications. The intraocular pressure is measured to screen for glaucoma. A refraction is also done to determine the need for corrective lenses.

Depending what the doctor finds during your examination, he or she will determine if any further appointments are necessary.

Please note, some insurances will not cover the ‘refraction’ portion of the exam, and you will be responsible for this separately. Please check with your insurance company to be sure it will or will not cover the refraction of your exam. Additionally, some patients have different insurance companies for “annual” exams where they don’t have complaints other than glasses needs and other exams for when they have specific problems (like red eye). Some patients will have to separate these issues into 2 different visits in order to receive full insurance coverage.

Read more about insurance and billing.

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