Our Doctors

Our Eye Doctors

Vision Associates would like to introduce you to our physicians and their areas of expertise. Each is committed to helping you “see your very best”, and they look forward to meeting you and managing your eye care needs, from regular comprehensive eye exams to advanced surgery.

    Dr. Abowd

    Comprehensive Eye Care, Cataracts, Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgery

      Dr. Burchfield

      Glaucoma and Cataracts

        Dr. Currie

        Cataracts and Comprehensive Eye Care

          Dr. Harooni

          Cornea, Refractive Surgery & Comprehensive Eye Care

            Dr. McCarthy

            Oculoplastic, Trauma Surgery & Comprehensive Eye Care

              Dr. Nika

              Glaucoma and Cataracts

                Dr. Ofori (retired)

                Cataracts & Comprehensive Eye Care

                  Dr. Sadowski

                  Comprehensive Eye Care & Contact Lenses

                    Dr. Schlagheck

                    Special Interest in Contact Lens Fitting & Comprehensive Eye Care

                      Dr. Shasteen

                      Special Interest in Pediatric Eye Care, Vision Therapy & Comprehensive Eye Care

                        Dr. Shah

                        Retinal Diseases and Surgery of Eye

                          Dr. Stephens

                          Retinal Diseases and Surgery of Eye

                            Dr. Striph

                            Neuro-Ophthalmology, Cataract Surgery & Comprehensive Eye Care

                            Our Doctors